record and release your music from start to finish

Up In Arms offers all the audio services you need to get music recorded, mixed, mastered, and out to the people.

Everything you need to get your music out

You can record any music project, end-to-end, right down to the physical copies if you need it.

Audio Recording SErvices

Our engineers and producers work with artists to help them deliver their best performances, reach new artistic heights, and realize the full potential of their creative visions. Bring in your own engineer and plug into our system to achieve a workflow that works for your specific needs.

mixing and mastering services

You can record with us, or bring in tracks from elsewhere. Mix your music with one of Canada’s most trusted, Platinum and Gold certified engineers.  Take your music to the highest levels of professional sound with mastering in our acoustically designed room. Give your music the final polish to sound amazing in every environment.

Songwriting and production

Get our team of songwriters and producers to use their experience with some of the best in the business to flesh out your existing melodies, lyrics, structure or arrangements. Our Billboard charting, award winning producers will use their network of diverse instrumentalists, synthesizer wizards, vocalists and other musical talent to create lush instrumentals across multiple genres.


Improve your craft and be inspired by the best in their fields. We welcome all ages and abilities. Learn from our professional vocalist about technique and artistry using the recording studio as a tool. Or, you can use our vocal tune-ups to get tips you can practice at home! Workshops and courses are also available: music theory, recording, engineering, vocals, and more.

grant writing advice

Did you know there are grants available to fund your musical projects? We speak the language of bureaucracy. Make your complex grant applications as high caliber as possible with our grant writing services, so committees will judge you on the merits of your art, and not your ability to fill out a form. Available for artists and people working in the music or arts fields in Alberta and Canada.

CD Pressing and Duplication

Get professionally produced physical copies of your new release – we do cassettes and vinyl too!

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