ari rhodes

indie pop music songwriter, producer, and engineer.

Flevaris Mastoras (Ari Rhodes) is a producer, violinist, new bass player, songwriter, and sound engineer.

Originally from Rhodes, Greece, Ari began his music career at the age of 14 as a DJ before moving into production, engineering, and songwriting.

ari pic

Ari is currently working with several up-and-coming Canadian artists, including Toronto-based THENWHEN and Alberta-based Jimi.

Jimi’s album, All of Me, is a collaboration with Toronto-based Mikhail Cronin and St. Albert-based Julia Nicholson.

His also giving back as the technical educator for the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology’s TranceCultural Orchestra’s pandemic project based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Co-writing credits

  • Ryan O’Shaughnessy (The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent)
  • Agir (Vidisco, Portugal)
  • Scott Stoddart (AudioFreaks)
  • Katia Zuccarelli (ole)
  • Lisa Harriton (PEN Music)
  • Michelle Treacy (Sony Music)
  • Valerie Broussard (Round Hill)
  • Tino Zolfo (Peer Music)
  • Rykka (Cordova Bay Records)
  • Jessica Chase (Wax Records)
  • RALPH (604 Records)
  • JILLEA (Slaight Music)
  • Sam Drysdale (Slaight Music)
  • Kayla Diamond (Slaight Music)
  • Jasmine Denham (Serena Ryder)
  • Mikhail Cronin (Drake, Lil Wayne, The Game)
  • Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta!)
  • Lisa Dal Bello (Dalbello)
  • Trevor Guthrie (Soul Decision)

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