nato down

One of canada’s most trusted studio engineers.

For over 15 years, Nato has achieved a top standard for professional sound quality by obsessively honing his craft (and his gear) to meet or surpass industry standards.

When you trust your full project with Nato, you are making a statement: No cutting corners on details and quality.

nato pic

selected discography



  • Trust Your Gut
  • Scars
  • Apply Pressure
  • Special Occasion
  • Bacon Bits EP


  • Indian Summer
  • Red Winter

Cadence Weapon

  • Afterparty Babies
  • Breaking Kayfabe

snotty nose Rez Kids

  • The Average Savage

Snak The Ripper

  • Just Giver

Evil Ebenezer

  • Howl
  •  Force of Habit EP (w/ Merkules)
  • The Penguin EP

Dragon Fli Empire

  • Redefine
  • Conquest
  • Abstrakt


  • Fresh Air

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